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Last updated: March 23, 2019

Today was the last day of freshman year! And Kenley’s graduation! What a day it was. One of the best days I have had.

So this week was the finals, 29th to 21st. 29th finals were Period 1 ; 6, 30th finals were Period 3 ; 4, 31th finals were Period 2 ; 5. Since I’m the person that NEEDS to study before tests, probably except for English, cuz you can’t really study for English, I spent the night of the 30th studying for Math finals the next day. We weren’t sure whether the Spring Finals tested us on everything, like the whole year of Math or what. Instead, I just went on Schoolloop at like 10 at night and search for finals reviews that we did earlier, like 2 / 3 weeks earlier? Anyways that was pretty easy, but it took us like 3 hrs to finish them all. There was one question on one of the reivews, something about finding a coin’s diameter, that I refused to do.

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That came back to haunt me. Anyways, after finishing studying, I unintentionally watched like an hour of Youtube with Kiley since she was eating. I wanted my hair wavy, like beach waves for the graduation thing, but I forgot that it wore off.

So while watching, I did double french braids on myself. We watched things like things u didn’t know about yourself, or like sound frequency, or like iris changing videos. At some point, I heard like a sound behind us, so I got kinda scared. Kiley and I switched seats then, cuz I was sitting on the outside with Kiley’s back to the water heater. Some time later, when we were trying the audio frequency thing, Dad came home. He was trying to eat, but poor him. We scolded him and told him to be quiet because we were trying really hard and he was the only one making noise. Remember that was like around 1:30 in the morning.

It turns out that we hear pretty good. I originally thought that my hearing got bad after the flu, cuz like for a month after, the hearing in one ear was kinda fuzzy. Well, we remembered the time and started to get ready to sleep. Mom was kinda waking up, probably because of the noise that we made. After everything, I went on bed and was going through my old phone, trying to set a alarm for the next morning, going through the recorded music.

Mom came in and told us to go to sleep, which I did. I dunno about Kiley.It was time to wake up. Honestly, it wasn’t that hard to wake up this morning, which is really surprising.

Usually, I take a lot of time just trying to get out of bed cuz like I kinda can’t resist the urge to ignore them when I wake up from any type of sleep, whether it be a nap or night sleep. It wasn’t late or early that I woke up, but it was earlier than usual. Normally, I wake at like 7 and leave home at like 7:20, but today, idk why but I woke at like 6:40. Actually, I probably woke up even earlier than that cuz I remember that I had to wait for Mom to finish using the restroom, which took like 5 to 10 minutes.

I did my morning routine, but like on Monday I got my period, so it was toilet today first. Brush teeth, wash face, lotion, then sunblock. I was suppose to wear Kenley’s shirt today, the one with the funny cat poking out of the pocket and hand on the back, but it was somewhat cold in the morning today, so I chose not to. Instead, I wore blue jeans, the shirt with the bear on it, the S ; D windbreaker, and Adidas shoes.

Maybe the last day was suppose to be special, but really I didn’t want to bother with going on Pinterest for inspiration, then brainstorming the outfit, and then getting the outfit, so I just went with the earlier explained outfit. Honestly, it was Finals, I should be wearing sweatpants or leggings to school right? Like only a half day, sitting through 2 classes of like 2 hr finals each.Ok, well after the outfit choosing, I went to get something to eat, like for breakfast. I would put what I ate, but I forgot so skip this scene.

So like 1 or 2 weeks before, the thread that held the zipper and the rough fabric of my backpack together ripped and left a hole about 3 inches big, not that big, but big. So yesterday, when Kenley was practicing for band, and we were waiting outside for like 30 minutes, both zippers of my backpack fell through on one side and like I couldn’t close my backpack so like yeah. I had to carry my backpack on my stomach through the whole campus. I think that James saw my dropping of Iris’s dress, cuz he poked his head when Kenley turned back to tell me to hurry up. Back to the backpack, so today, instead of the Puma backpack, i used the drawstring backpack, cuz why not. The only thing I really needed to bring was the math notes and a pencil.


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