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Last updated: August 3, 2019

Today market is a more customer oriented in the sense all the business activities spin around fulfilling the customer by meeting their needs through powerful services rendered. After sales service plays a critical part in consumer satisfaction. After sales service is vital in light of the fact that it guarantees that customers are happy with their systems and in the case of any trouble introducing or setting up equipment, they can get help from system suppliers (Kumar Mishram, 2014). After sales service is commonly recognized as a potential source of income, benefits and competitive advantage in most assembling and manufacturing industries (Bundschuh and Dezvane, 2003; Gaiardelli, Saccani and Songini, 2007). As a term, “after sales services” has been utilized the most, to depict services that are given to the customer after the products have been delivered. Similar services are sometimes called “field services”, when they are exemplified in them point attributes that are situated at a customer’s site. “After sales support” and “technical support” or even just “services”, are terms additionally found in the literature. “After sales services” are frequently referred to as “product support activities”, which means all exercises that help the product driven exchange. They are likewise found in the literature as “customer support” components, which means all exercises that guarantee that an product is accessible to buyers “over its helpful life expectancy for trouble free use” .Although a generous collection of literature exists regarding the topic of service quality, it appears that the subject stays open to extra commitments, since the topic of service quality apart from its theoretical and scholarly value, plays a striking part as a source of sustainable competitive advantage for the companies. (Mohammadipour pamsari and Minavandchal, 2013


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