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Last updated: January 29, 2019

Today, we are saying farewell to 62 men who have been in this formation house since 2014. It has indeed been a long journey.

Today, we give an applause of praise to Almighty God whom they have always contemplated in the silence of their hearts, to the parents, formators, dioceses, friends and all those people of good will who have supported them in different ways. Silence always has been a gift to the Church from the beginning of the world, since even God brought things to be in silence and even continue to be in silence. In his book with Nicholas Diat on “The Power of Silence, Against the Dictatorship of Noise”, Robert Cardinal Sarah talks of “silence as a bridge which leads us to God; God can only be found in silence since noise is destruction, for silence grants us serenity to talk with our innermost self on how to grow more in a profound intimate relationship with God”.

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The world of today is a strong enemy of silence since those who observe it are seen as “a loss”, so this serves to remind us that we who are aspiring to serve in the vineyard have to love it; for one to know thyself needs a special moment to go aside and live their inner being to contemplate the beauty of this interior silence of God as Christ did (Mark1:35). A priest is a man who is crucified with Christ, celebrates Mass daily, commemorates the paschal mystery and makes the crucifixion present in his life, to live to this, he needs to be a man of silence. Silence in the priestly life must be observed at all time but especially in the morning as one rises, during the saying of the divine office as he prays for the entire Church, during the celebration of Holy Mass as stipulated in the rubrics and in the examination of conscience as he retires from the daily schedules of the day. Since the prince of this world is on a hunt for the faithful of God, we recommend to you the “Cure d’ Ars” St. John Baptist Mary Vianney who through his life of silence and prayer became a bridge on which people treaded to reach God, that you may witness to Christ by your lives but especially through Silence and lead many to Sion the city of God. To our visitors we wish you safe journeys as you return to your various destinations and a blessed holiday to the old timers.SPEAKING IN SILENCE AND TAKING THE GOSPEL OF CHRIST TO ALL


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