Topic: History

Last updated: February 21, 2019

To Twain, the best thing about being a subjectwas
having everyone’s attention

How is Simmons’s comment that he couldhave stopped Twain from attacking the schoolbully dramatic irony?
Simmons was not in control of Twain’sactions.

You can predict that Twain will remember thestory about the cannonball because the
story made history real for Twain

A few weeks after the mesmerizer left town,Twain
wished he had not lied

What action was Twain sure would convincehis mother that his confession is true?
sticking himself with a pin

Rapt means

What does minutest mean?

Implacable means
impossible to satisfy

A gullible person is easily

Nettled means

i love you guys
so do we

we rule EAS
nobody can deny it


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