To start off, question number one asks which character is the most effective critical thinker. Juror number 8 or Davis is the most effective critical thinker because he really supported and stood by all of his decisions and examined the evidence thoroughly. He looked at the situation from the boy’s perspective, his eyes and the witnesses. He took his time and made a decision from what evidence was provided. He also went to the boy’s neighborhood to see how the environment was. He also purchased a pocket knife that looked exactly like the murder weapon from a store which proved the knife was not the only one of its kind.
For the second vote he suggested that the vote should be done secretive and unanimous and someone agreed with him and they did not feel embarrassed about what they put on paper. Davis proved that the old man did not make it to the door in the time he claimed to have which was fifteen seconds. He made it there in thirty-one seconds. He pays very close to details and analyzes the details.
The least effective thinker was Juror number three. His son left him so took his vengeance out on the case which was provided. He is also very opinionated about his views about teenagers and what they were capable of doing. He did not see the situation clearly and he made poor judgements about the evidence that was made. His emotions takes the best of him so he is in no position to think critically about a teenager killing his father.
There are also other Jurors that faces barriers that prevents them from critically thinking. Juror number 2 cowardice is his barrier. He slowly overcomes his cowardice as the movie progresses and eventually develops a backbone. He stands up for what he believes and does not go with the majority on the decision that he was made. He sticks with his gut feeling because he at the end of the day when the boy is sentenced he has to live the decision he made.


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