Topic: BusinessMarketing

Last updated: March 28, 2019

To start a business you have to set a clear strategy, the strategy that we are following that to obtain a good service with high quality and less cost and working on continuous innovation. Firstly, we should have a look of the quantity or the demand of the product depends on customer’s needs to have enough stock then retail it to the shops and employ an enough number of vendors.A typical supply chain has different steps. First step converting raw materials into product through manufacturer thirdly distribution procedure then stock a retail store Eventually, product deliver to the consumer.

Push and pull marketing strategies. Push marketing is taking product to consumers it’s a good way to build a new brand on the other hand it’s costly. While pull marketing is attracting the customers to you cost less The strength of pull marketing is that make researchers notice us easier spatially online. While we need push to reach out to those who might not have heard of this company. We use Pull to attract those in the research or buying stage who are searching for this product or and to promote the businessIn the end, our company rely on both strategies to get benefits from both systems. The successful business uses a combination of both push and pull to make a balanced and succseful marketing strategy (Chris Gunkle,2015)

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