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Last updated: April 6, 2019

To me chemical engineering is about using the materials of the earth to build, design and create a sustainable planet for generations to come. To me Chemical engineering is about bonding with the earth to reverse damage and to build harmony with the environment and its habitat by turning raw materials into useful products that we use every day in a safe and effective manner. To me engineering is about changing the physical state of substance to create medicines without the side effects. Having travelled to Somalia for the first time this summer, I began to realise the importance of Chemical engineering as a means to eradicate poverty and conflict.

I learnt that the Coast of Somalia became a dumping ground for foreign ships to dump chemical waste. The effect of this was detrimental with a huge rise in the number of people suffering from cancer as a result of the radiation. Personally, I believe studying Chemical engineering is both a personal and moral duty as it will allow me to contribute to the development of a planet where all its inhabitants are in harmony with each other. I believe this will be achieved through innovation through engineering, appreciation and love for our planet. I chose my A Levels to enable me to develop the fundamental skills needed to study a degree in university. As a result, I am currently studying maths, chemistry and geography.

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Chemistry allowed me to study, understand particles and atoms in order to appreciate their behaviourism and reaction. Understanding and applying mathematical formulas provides me with a sense of realism as it puts my held desires and preconceived ideas into quantifiable perspective. I believe this will be useful both in balancing chemical equations to develop safe and effective products but also in managing budgets and trade-offs. Geography allowed to appreciate the beauty and potential of the earth. This has led me to read Water Wars: Privatization, Pollution, and Profit which is rightly argued many future wars and conflict will be over water. It made me the question, what the possibilities of turning seawater into drinkable clear water are. My love for the subject led me to travel to the oil-rich Kingdom of Saudi Arabia where I was able to see Aramco in action.Outside my busy schedule of studying, I have taken the opportunity to attend and participates workshops at the University of Oxford.

I took the lead in group activities as this was an opportunity to show my understanding and knowledge of Mathematics and Science. I also took the initiative to partake Economics taster course at Queen Mary’s University. This was an opportunity to learn some Economics both also to apply my mathematical mind to the real world. I worked effectively as a member of a team to present and debate Economics.

I also visited a Nuclear plant and it was incredible to see how reactions are scaled up on a larger scale. I am currently in the process of completing the Duke of Edinburgh Gold award. This gave me the opportunity to develop both physically and mentally but also to work successfully as a member of a team. As part of the award, I completed a 4-day expedition in the Brecon Beacons, which tested me physically and mentally, however, gave me an extraordinary feeling of accomplishment. In my spare time, I keep fit by training in the gym and playing football weekly as part of a 5 a side league. In addition, I am an avid reader, having read books on Politics, Economics, Geography and Engineering notably Thinking Outside the Box: Reflections on a life in Chemical Engineering which Hemsley talks about his experience as a chemical engineer.

I read the Economist weekly which allows me to keep up to date in the development of world affairs especially technology and Science.I am determined to become an engineer who enables humans to realise their potential and to live in a world of harmony and happiness.


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