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Last updated: April 29, 2019

To me, patriotism is an unstoppable wildfire of devotion towards one’s nation that burns in everyone’s heart and spreads rapidly from one soul to another. It is a seed that blossoms as you grow and mature. Patriotism is a word that engulfs my entire being and inspires me to align myself with the ideals that our nation was founded upon. The dictionary defines patriotism as the ” vigorous support for one’s country.” however, I believe that patriotism is one of those words for which a mere definition does not suffice. To know the real meaning of patriotism, one must experience it.
I feel patriotic everyday when I pledge my allegiance to the flag of the United States of America. It gives a sense of pride and instills a feeling of responsibility. It makes you feel like you belong and gives the courage to protect our country from any kind of evil, internal or external. When I think of patriotism, I think of safeguarding the the nation’s interests above all. Miracles are not beyond us if we are fired by the passion of patriotism because patriotism fills us with a love so strong that we put all our differences aside and stand together as Americans who are ready to meet any challenge and persevere.


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