Topic: Education

Last updated: October 20, 2019

To improve and upgrade the living standards of the slums the residents wellbeing must be the first consideration. As the process will be lengthy, residents need to be moved and housed in suitable accommodation. The areas to be improved have to be done in sections, so that residents are away from their homes for the minimal amount of time. Initially a high rise building could be constructed to house residents as their homes are being improved and this would facilitate each family whilst their area is being developed in a rotational style.

Some homes would need to be demolished to widen roads improving transportation and access. Naturally these homes would be rebuilt within the community. Electricity and plumbing are a must to improve living standards. Enlarging and strengthening the homes would improve safety and comfort for the families. I am not suggesting huge extensions, simply enough to allow a modicum of privacy for the parents, e.

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g. parents having a bedroom. Schools and medical facilities built within these communities, allowing free education and health care and increasing the minimal cost once these areas start to thrive. The cost would be huge but the high rise building or buildings but could later be rented.

Improved transportation leads to access to employment. Better living conditions result in healthier, happier, educated productive people that can only lead to a more prosperous community. Hopefully employment will rise and taxes will slowly repay the expenses incurred by the works to improve the slums.


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