Topic: Literature

Last updated: July 26, 2019

To further investigate the topic at hand, this paper seeks to explore the various literature surrounding the idea of note-taking, the paper also aims to explore the related theories and the conclusions found by previous studies. The observation by (Castello and Monereo 2005) has given rise to interests in studying the phenomenon of note-taking and its relationship with learning. There have been numerous studies pointing to the fact that several reasons contribute to why students take notes, and this includes review, retention or staying awake in class. Note taking is a useful skill that has been noted to be positively correlated to learning, however many students do not take advantage of this.

Several studies have pointed to the fact that, students commonly do not take the full advantage of note-taking with some only recording a relatively small portion of the overall important details of a lecture. The range of reported findings suggests that some first-year students recorded only 11% of critical lecture notions , whereas “A” students noted 62% of the critical 234 lecture ideas . Several other studies report findings within that range . Despite these low amounts of note-taking, note-taking has been seen to have positive correlation to learning in both its process and product functions . The learning process can usually take place during both at the time when notes are taken and also during the time when the notes are being reviewed because the process of note-taking permits the learner to make interconnections between the texts and conduct deep internal digestion of the subject matter .

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The note-taking process also aids the student in making connections between ideas and processing information effectively. It basically helps the student to think about the course content in such a way that will make it easier for later review.Note taking also helps ease and strengthen the internal connections between ideas . Taking down notes by writing them can assist students to remember information and serves as a permanent record or external memory .

It has also been noted that people often write down information they wish to remember .


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