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To begin, Michael Faraday, one of the most influential scientists of his era.

His work on electrochemistry,electromagnetism, and the laws of electrolysis severely contributed to the electrical engineering fields around the early 1800’s in England by giving them major discoveries to work with in order to build the appliances and other various items we use today. But to back track in time, It all started on September 22, 1791 when he was born into a british ethnicity and family. He came from a very poor family with 2 siblings that were older than him and a mother and father that was always working or ill. His father James Faraday was a blacksmith in London, England that didn’t get paid much and due to his overworking and long hours his health was very poor and got sick very easily. As for his mother she was a servant that worked for many wealthy people around London and her name was Margaret Faraday. Due to there poor living conditions and income, Michael attended a local school were it was run down and very poor as well and he received a very basic level education until he was thirteen. Upon leaving his middle school he began working as a delivery boy for a bookstore to help his family with money and start collecting money himself .

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After a years time of hard work to gain his employers trust and admiration , his employer decides to make the bookstores apprentice and give him a big enough raise to where he can start buying and gathering chemicals and chemical apparatuses to use. Within the time as a delivery boy he had down time to read many books in the store, his favorite type of books that he loved to read where chemistry and engineering books such as- The Conservation on Chemistry. This discovery within himself was the first time knew he was truly fascinated with the laws of chemistry and the physical parts of engineering. Time passed and he finds out about John Tatum a scientist doing a series of lectures about physics, desperately wanting to go so his older brother gives him the shillings needed to attend the lectures since he didn’t have enough to go. After the lecture Faraday was so fascinated with what he talk about that he went back to the bookstore and read more books but this time about physics related topics. Soon after a man named William Dance met Michael and gives him tickets to go see Sir Humphry Davy’s lecture that was hosted at a prestige institution named Royal Institution in London. After being mesmerized at the sight of Sir Humphry Davy performing chemistry at all four lectures he held , he takes notes over 300 pages and send them to Duvy to show his gratitude. Soon after Faraday had begun more experiments at the back of the bookshop, building an electric battery using copper coins and zinc discs separated by moist, salty paper.

He used his battery to decompose chemicals such as magnesium sulfate. This type of chemistry was brought on by Sir Duvy himself.


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