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Last updated: February 25, 2019

To begin with, I would like to express my gratitude for this opportunity to provide relevant information justifying my request for a study visa with a view to completing my Post-secondary Diploma in Business-Marketing at the Conestoga College Kitchener campus where I have already been accepted. My request for a study visa is anchored only by my experiences and my eagerness to pursue my college education in Canada.Let me start by saying that my choice of a career in the field of Business-Marketing has been driven by some life experiences that have proven to be pivotal in my choice of career. Ever since I can remember, my mother has been encouraging me to take up business management. She currently owns and manages a boutique business and has hoped that I can help her expand the business.

However, after 12th grade in 2012, I had to become the family breadwinner. After years of providing for the family as a truck driver, my father became progressively incapacitated due to a diagnosed back pain resulting from slip disc, and was advised have rest to avert permanent disability. My mother’s income was just not enough especially in supporting my young brother’s education. This moment in my life has made it financially impossible to pursue a college education; but fortunately, I was able to take an internship in an accounting and as an audit assistant in a Chartered Accountant firm where I had acquired knowledge & skills and had real-world exposure tenures on the side. (Please refer to my résumé and several reference letters attached).To a large extent, the experience gestated my resolve to succeed as a professional business manager and entrepreneur who can succeed through the disciplines in accounting, taxation, sales, and management. Fast forward to 2018, I am providing business consultancy services that include accounting, finance, B2B sales support, management, income tax and Goods & Services Tax that have enabled me to earn a handsome income to support the family while enriching my bank account that I know will help me to finally pursue my college education (Please refer to my bank statement and the several reference letters from my clients attached). I am just glad that while my father has recovered and is now resuming his trucking business but on a smaller scale, I and my mother have supported my brother who is pursuing his degree in commerce that will be completed in 2019.

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It is now time to bring my career to a higher plane. However, at this point in career, I know I still have so much more to learn to fill the gap in my education that will enable me to build my business management skills on both local and global scale. After doing some research on my learning options in my home country I was not able to find relevant courses that I needed to build my competencies in Business-Marketing, so I explored my options overseas, particularly in America and Canada. I found the program I needed that has both the relevance and affordability at the Conestoga College Kitchener campus in Canada, offering the rigorous curricula in business management, finance, ethics, relevant laws, diversity management, & international marketing that I am looking for to help me in building my managerial, administrative, and entrepreneurial competencies with global and inclusive perspective. It certainly helps that I have a good command of the English language as I had scored an overall band 6.0 in an IELTS exam.

It was, therefore, not surprising that with my learning maturity, experience as an accountant, and positive work ethic, I got an admission in Kitchener campus. I am excited to undertake its courses where I can share my humble work experience with fellow students and learn from them as managers, leaders, and entrepreneurs for a mutually enriching learning experience in the program. After completing my postsecondary course in Canada, I have every intention to return to my country and be more competitive in the job markets and gain employment in an entry-level management position in a reputable company.

In a few years, I plan to build a clothing business that I can transform into a public limited company moving forward. Creating my clothing brand export business has a strong potential to flourish as my city Ludhiana is the largest hub for manufacturing ready-made garments in this part of my country, and I would like to ride on this reputation. On the side, I plan to help my mother in further expanding her boutique business and possibly take it to a global level. I plan to leverage my competencies in accounting, taxation, auditing and my newfound knowledge in marketing, financial management, and business management to bear on growing the business. To deduce, let me just say that obtaining the needed study visa will bring these plans to reality sooner than later, and I am hopeful the embassy can be my indispensable partner in opening the door in building my career in Business-Marketing. I am hopeful that my acceptance at with Conestoga College would not be wasted with a failure to obtain the needed study visa. Therefore, I am formally placing my request to the High Commission of Canada to consider my application for the Canada student visa.

For any further clarification or queries, please feel free to get in touch with me through any of my contact points in the headers.


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