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Last updated: April 16, 2019

Titration is used to determine a concentration of a solution that has unknown concentration using a standard solution. The standard solution is a solution whose concentration is known and these are used in titrations to determine the concentration of a substance whose concentration is unknown. It is essential that you have to be accurate when preparing your standard solution and the actual titrating. When doing your standard solution you need to use a volumetric flask and it is highly important that you fill up to the graduation line, if you fill beyond the graduation line it will be too dilute and under the graduation line it would be too concentrated.

The techniques are identical. The only major difference is that in a laboratory carrying out a large number of essentially identical routine titration analyses the process is usually automated or simplified. This is particularly so for the calculations where the titration volume is entered into an Excel spreadsheet and the answer is returned immediately. There is no need to carry out any calculations.

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In addition the burette is automatically refilled and zeroed after each titration. The sample volume can be dispensed via an automated pipette system.


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