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Last updated: April 22, 2019

Title: The fundamental issue arise in the urban sprawl and the effect towards land use and land value.

Urbanization also known as urban sprawl. People would like to travel from rural area to urban area to find a job and them willingly to live far from city centre. This is because they do not like to live in city centre where the environment of city centre a little bit crowded. There is fundamental issues that arises when the urban sprawl takes place. The first one is transportation. When urban sprawl occur, people need to move from the central cities to suburbs due to the quick transportation. It is because, they find desired residential surroundings at the expense of lengthy journey and costly daily commutes.

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Besides, it is social disadvantageous because of local community life is faded. Hence, people who left in the central city are more challenging to access the countryside. Furthermore, they took longer driving from rural to city centre to find a good job opportunity. The commuting time the people took for going to work is increasing. In addition, the more vehicle in the road, the more fuel gas consumption are used to run the vehicles.

The number own ownership of vehicles is increasing in the urban sprawl thus can occur the traffic congestion in the suburban areas. Next, the fundamental issues that arises in urban sprawl is the environmental issues. The development of urban sprawl will affect our nature at once it can reduce the good environment to consumer. The quick expansion has significant changed the natural landscape and created vast environmental and ecosystems.

Moreover, the open space in the city centre area is converted to urban use during the process of urbanization. People who living in the suburban areas bear the cost of loss of the nature environment. Thus, from this process, the expansion from rural area to city centre will be beyond their expectation limit and surrounding area and peripheries in order to accommodate the growing of urban population. Hence, they must know about the implication of the expansion will affect the natural resources such as vegetation, natural habitat also effect the good nature of environment.

Thus, the changed of climate and global scales due to quickening of the global urbanization in an area. Urban dwellers and their environment has gave negative effect with the spontaneous and uncontrolled quick development. It is likewise connected with wellbeing dangers including air contamination and occupational hazards in order to achieve the sustainable development.

Next, according to (Su and DeSalvo, 2008), emphasis on urban quality of life has gradually increased in the context of rapid social and economic development. The uses of own dependence vehicles can make a negative impact to the air pollutions. The emission gas of fuel towards the air can make a bad condition towards quality of air. The longer the distance from suburbs to the city centre, the more the uses of fuel on the vehicles. As a people nowadays can afford to own a car, it is much easier for them to travel to the city centre for going to work at a long distance travel. They are willing to live in the suburban area because the housing price at the suburban area much cheaper than a house at CBD.

This shows that own dependence transportations has caused urban sprawl. Hence, there is an excessive change of land use where there are many rural lands was required to develop a new development for the purpose on developing a road networks. For an example, transportation issues related to urban sprawl have given the impact on the land value within the area involved. The land value will increasing as the distance from the Central Business District (CBD). People do not mind take the longer time to travel as long as the housing price is lower than in city centre.

According to (Artmann, Inostroza and Fan, 2019), the effect of urban sprawl towards land use is changed quickly on the environmental issues. They acquired agriculture land to develop the new development in order to achieve the sustainable of the development. The change of use of the land give a negative impact towards the agriculture land. The land use of a district is a result of regular and financial elements. The quick changes of land cover are regularly described by urban sprawl. The deforestation are lead to the loss of the land, habitat destruction and the decline of the natural green areas. They acquired the land for sustainable development in urban sprawl while the land value of the areas is increasing due to the expansion of the city centre.

The demand of the expansion of the suburban area will increasing while the land value is increase. People will look for house far away from CBD to avoid the crowded in the area. For an example, they want to build the house in suburban area, the price of the house basically not higher than in CBD area and people are able to buy the house. As a conclusion, the fundamental issue that arises in urban sprawl is transportation and the environmental issues. Both of them give a positive and negative impacts towards land use and the land value. For the environmental issue, there a lot of changes in land use from rural lands to urban land for developing the new development. These misfortunes large affect urban ecological conditions, for example, biodiversity and the climate changes thus it can give a negative impact towards the land use, while a positive impact for the land value.

For the transportation issues, there are too much changing the land use for the purpose of road network. People are afford to own a vehicles and willing to take a longer distance from rural area to the city centre. Thus, it is give a negative impact towards the land use for the construction of the road network.


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