Timed CRT

Noah Jantz

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Queen Elizabeth Sr. High

English Language Arts 10-1 Pre-Ap

Mr. Ranshaw

Monday December 11, 2016

Table of Contents

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1984 CRT by Noah Jantz
An individual is at the mercy of society as society is constantly working in the background to morph the individual’s actions and beliefs. Through this systematic manipulation, the individuals become an extension of society, acting and thinking in the way society desires. No decision a human makes is of their own free will as they are undoubtedly being manipulated through systematic and strenuous bouts of brainwashing to reshape an individual’s beliefs. In George Orwell’s work 1984 he develops the idea that society is the most prominent factor in shaping an individual’s beliefs and identity. In other words, society forces individuals to act and think in a certain manner. First, society sets the precedent and social norms determining what beliefs and actions are acceptable. Second, society controls the information distribution systems holding a monopoly on the information the people receive. Third, society sets the cultural ideal and the path to attaining this ideal. Society subliminally governs the masses destroying all free thought while indoctrinating the people making the individual a mere product of society.
Every shred of information an individual receives is directly altered to fit the society. The route this information takes to reach the masses is controlled solely by society through the clever placement of sanctioned officials and regulations on reporting.This gives the society complete and utter control over the flow of information. This was extremely prevalent within 1984 as the media systematically distributed information which catered to the parties needs subliminally destroying free thought. This lack of free thought was exhibited by the mindset of the general populace as they were utterly devoted to the evil society they lived in. This demonstrates the power society holds over opinions as people were convinced a society, which killed multitudes of its people was offering them salvation. This outright control society holds isn’t limited to just the information reported, but extends to the validation of information. In 1984, the school curriculum, community-sanctioned events, and even the media were required to posit certain information pre-approved by the party. Failure to comply was causation for death and thus it was impossible for independent reporting.The only information deemed appropriate for distribution was propaganda befitting to society. The power of the information vetting system was expertly showcased through the review squad. Information required review from the review squad to ensure only information aligning with societal values was shared. The lack of independent journalism meant the only source of information was the society and the information the party distributed was always deemed legitimate.Therefore, the people believe every shred they hear and thus act according to the way the media, the mouthpiece of society, tells them. Even Winston, who disbelieved the party, was unable to disprove the information provided by the media thus illustrating how effective this system is as disbelievers are unable to expose the party making dissent nearly impossible. Valid information is required to align with society because if it doesn’t it will be deemed fabricated or false.This combination of factors stifles any chance of rebellion because the people are unable to formulate their own opinions and therefore are unable to act in defiance of the society. So, the people are forced to think a certain way because they have been taught by society to think in such a manner.A monopoly over information distribution is the main repressor of thought and the primary factor in shaping an individual’s beliefs.
Social norms determine what actions are acceptable and appropriate forcing individuals to conform to these written and unwritten rules. Society controls social norms because society determines what behavior is appropriate and thus legal. Through the creation of laws, society regulates the actions which are legal and can thus be performed. Failing to abide by these laws results in punishment incentivizing the individual to act in accordance with societal values. Additionally, these laws are ingrained in the culture through the distribution of information informing the populace of the danger and immorality of lawlessness making the people believe the laws are their own construct and not forced upon them by the society.In Oceania, even the slightest movements or wrong facial expression was causation for capture leading torture or even death, “It was terribly dangerous to let your thoughts wander when in public or within the range of a telescreen. The smallest thing could give you away”(p.65). This perfectly illustrates the relationship between laws and the shaping of an individual’s thoughts or beliefs as the people are forced to act and think in a certain way under the threat of imprisonment, torture or death. This control over actions continues into the domain of loyalties and unspoken customs such as honor or loyalty to friends and family. The destruction of personal loyalties to family and friends in Oceania illustrates a paradigmatic shift in the social norms from society to society and how drastic the results of an insignificant change can be. The people of Oceania don’t believe in personal loyalties to kin or friends so individuals are unable to speak freely or conspire against society. The individual is forced to limit undertakings and remove any indicators of dissent which leads to the disappearance of open aggression towards the party, which is society. This large change in thoughts and actions stems from the simple change in social norms and regard for one’s family as they are watching and this norm shift was instituted by the society. The people need to constantly monitor their actions and are unable to trust anybody. This showcases the power of social norms as the destruction of personal loyalties has changed every aspect of an individual’s day. Both these factors vastly limit an individual’s ability to think or act freely as the possible number of actions are vastly reduced. The deliberate stifling of possible actions an individual can undertake morphs a person’s identity as they are forced to act in the way the society subliminally forces them to. Social norms hold unprecedented power and shift and alter an individual’s thoughts dramatically.
The class system within a society determines the individual’s role. Through the systematic reinforcement of the model citizen and ideal life, society entrenches morals beneficial to the retention of power and the control over the populace. Not only does this inform the populace how the society advises they act, but its constant reinforcement within media makes the citizen believe this ideal is an innate desire, not a construct of society. Within Oceania the media indoctrinated the people into believing the party was perfect and being a model citizen was an innate urge, so naturally turning in one’s family members was the mark of being a fledgling member of society. This utter indoctrination means the populace acts in a manner benefiting society as Parson wanted to be a model citizen so bad he was proud of his daughter when she reported him, “Who denounced you? Said Winston. ‘It was my little daughter’ said Parson with a sort of doleful pride”(p.245).This perfectly illustrates the power of society’s portrayal of an ideal citizen and the actions citizens take as Parson believed his daughter was being a model citizen and saw his imprisonment as a mere formality, still respecting and admiring his daughter. All this, despite the grave consequences looming as a result of her actions.His imprisonment validated his daughter in the eyes of the party leading him to believe he had done good work in raising a model citizen. His daughter’s action themselves illustrate the power of indoctrinating citizens as she willingly reported her father for the equivalent of treason on the sole basis society would view her favorably. Even members of society who fail to accept this ideal lifestyle are controlled as Winston’s choices were all the result of others attempting to achieve this idea as they were constantly watching him forcing him to curtail his open dissent while hiding any indication of his true thoughts from other members of society. This creation of an ideal life is only one factor in controlling class hierarchies as the control over the route to achieving the socially accepted ideal life is laid out by the society. In order to achieve this perfect life, members of Oceania’s society must perform exceptionally on party mandated standardized testing. In order to score highly, the individual is required to conform to the beliefs of the society and education system entailing they are model citizens who have devoured party propaganda. This forces individuals to conform and believe the party doctrine as without it, they are unable to achieve the perfect life which they believe is innate desire. These two factors control the citizens completely as success is achieved only through following the party and following the party requires the adoption of party principles and policies and thus a new thinking style. This means success is only attainable through the complete acceptance of the society’s beliefs.
This text masterfully illustrated the role society has upon the development of an individual’s actions and beliefs. In George Orwell’s literary work 1984 he develops the idea that society is the primary factor in the development of an individual’s thoughts and beliefs. First, through the creation of social norms society determines the actions and individual can undertake, Second, through the monopoly over the distribution of information. Third, the society sets the ideal of a society and the path to attaining it. Society decides an individual’s fate and completely shape their identity and beliefs. Individuals are the mere product of the systematic manipulation of society


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