Topic: LinguisticsTeaching

Last updated: January 29, 2019

Thus, the results of the study confirm the research hypothesis. Firstly, this study demonstrates that when teachers develop reflective teaching, they come to new understandings of reflective teacher and reflecting practice. Secondly, it is essential that the results suggest that there is a relationship between the teachers´ self-knowledge and teaching practice, the set of their personal factors and pedagogical methods of teaching contributes to the development of students’ reflection. The revealed dynamic features of teachers´ reflection are characterized by heterogeneity in different years of work in higher school. Thirdly, university teachers deemed the experience of the reflective teaching worthwhile but considered it difficult to integrate the reflective methodology into teaching process.

The collected data show the need for further research that would involve large groups of university teachers. The study´s limitation is a small sample, but the present findings provide better understanding of reflective teaching practices and process of becoming reflective teacher. This study yields implications for teacher development and contributes to a continuously growing body of educational researches

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