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Last updated: February 17, 2019

Thomas Jefferson was a key political figure during  that late seventeen hundreds through the early eighteen hundreds. During Jefferson’s time as a political figure, the country was divided between the Democratic-Republican party, and the new Federalist party. I’ll be discussing what kind of influence did jefferson have on the Democratic-Republican party in contributing to the success against the opposing Federalist party. I’ll be discussing key social, political, and economic factors during the time, providing a primary source document to provide context about my topic, as well as establishing a modern day connection with my topic.George Washington, first warned and expressed his dislike of political or factions for the country. However, the debate and different view points of the constitution ultimately left no choice but for political leaders to divide into these political partys that expressed their views. The Democratic Republican party was formed a couple years just after the ratification of the constituion. The party’s opposition was the Federalist, led by Alexander Hamiltion.

The main basis for the Federalist party politically was there disire for a strong central government. They believed it was neccessary in order to retain order within the country. Thomas Jefferson was known as the leader of the Democratic-Republican party. The party pushed for a weaker centrol government, with more state rights. The primary concern with a strong central government for Jefferson was the fear of another tryannical government similar to the British.

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Another key politcal divide was over the inteprataion of the constitution. Jefferson and the party were urged that the constitution was not open to any interpratation. Instead, they believed the only ability’s the government should have, are those expressed exactly in the constitution.


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