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Last updated: March 18, 2019

This study will be significant to its readers especially to E-commerce industry in the Philippines for this paper will help them identify the factors affecting the consumer trust and it’s relation towards loyalty for using online shopping sites.

This way, we will be able to formulate better strategies for the online shopping sites to improve their services and to be profitable enough by offering better transaction without harming it’s consumers trust. The study is very important in a way that this may possibly find answer to the customer afraid to engage into E-Commerce.Significance of the studyThe main goals of this research work are to identify the factors that affects the consumer trust on E-Commerce and suggest actions to improve it’s service towards customers trust in engaging to online shopping sites.

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These study assumes that consumer trust will lead towards loyalty in using online platforms and improve it’s quality of service to its customer. It’s also wants to to address the factors why the consumer afraid to shop online and paid through online because of those factors that possibly may harm them by using it’s online shopping platform. Therefore, the study wants to find out how can the E commerce deal with it’s customer queries that will retain it’s trust factor that possible results to loyalty on the long run. This would be results to better analogy on how the E-Commerce role to the society as technology is increasing and more countries became more developed and engage on selling and buying that became on demand worldwide nowadays.


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