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This research investigates with the issue of English Language Teaching in every field of Engineering with the importance and the essential requirements for the students. The study declares that the balance is off-centered between language teaching and learning outcomes. The study also advise that the teachers should develop language vital bond and positive supportive learning environment to improve the learner’s fluency and capability. The research suggests replacing the old cycle of transmission teaching method with critical thinking of teaching in language education – a method through which the students gradually discover themselves in the process of language inclination and to create the awareness of appropriate language to achievability. IntroductionOne of the important questions is why the students choose English over the other languages.

It is also highly applicable to find out if and why they think that English is necessary and what it stands for in their opinions. Among other things, some of the critical issues that need to be resolve are how much English the students need and what the right mixture of general and specific English is for the students of mechanical engineering. The English language has become so far the most prominent and suitable language in the world. In almost every kind of situation, English serves as the mediator means of communication between persons not sharing a mother tongue, no matter what their spoken languages are. Unlike with any other language in the world, non-native speakers of English exceeds to almost 400 million of native speakers, which only proves how widespread English has become today and how important it is for human communication on the global scale.

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Thus, it seems clear why, whenever two speakers of different languages meet each other and try to communicate, English will most probably be the language of choice no matter where meeting place is. The English language slowly became the most important language of international agreement and communication. Throughout the twentieth century technological inventions and developments such as the telephone, fax, and most importantly computers and the Internet, have brought closer people from every inhibit and helped spread English as the most helpful communicational tool.

. It is extremely effective in scientific and technological communication with all relevant and innovative information being generally published, distributed and stored in English. As far as engineering disciplines are bothered, foremost with mechanical engineering in mind, the English language plays the same role as in other similar fields, being the most important language in transferring knowledge and new inventions on the international scale.

Being uniformly promoting in all aspects of such a broad discipline as mechanical engineering is, it is important for the students to understand and perform well in the language for variety of reasons, mostly those who are involved with their career advancement and scientific developments. English has uniformly developed as the main means of communication in this field and finally gained a great advantage over other languages being studied at the faculty when it comes to academic and scientific correspondence.Literature ReviewThis document is a review of research in the broader field of English language learners. One of the areas of search is “program, instruction and assessment.” The literature identifies a number of instructional and program characteristics that contribute to the academic success of language learners, such as: • A positive school environment • A meaningful and challenging curriculum • An enriched environment grounded in research and sound principles • Well-trained educators and have experience in the theories and methodologies of the program they teach.

• Collaborative environments for both students and educators.Thematic teaching is touted as a meaningful way to engage language and content in a context that promotes the learning of difficult concepts. Gibbons, P. (2002).Business people who wanted to sell their products, doctors and engineers who needed to stay in touch with the new evolutions in their respective fields, and most importantly for students who need to use textbooks and publications available only in English, and who needed English in order to be advance and to succeed in their careers. That is how many different reasons for studying English sprang out all of a sudden. (Hutchinson and Waters, 2000).Methodology The problem of the research could be defined as an effort at determining just how important the English language is to the students at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and what their opinions on the language itself are.

One of the critical issue being inspected is why the students choose English over other languages. It is also suggested to find out if and why they think that English is necessary. Among other things, some of the more important questions to be answered are how much English the students need and what the right combination of general and specific English is for the students of Mechanical Engineering. The study looked for signs of enhanced composition skills reflected by an increased clarity of writing, level of analysis, use of supporting information, organization of ideas, and accuracy of grammar and syntax. The participants writing skills were measured quantitatively using a rubric system proposed by Paul (1997).ConclusionsCommunication is a particular universal human characteristics. For Communication, they use language of extremely changing forms and nature. English being one of the languages of vast transmission, it has originated as a means of global communication covering a vast range of fields and professions.

English has been taught as a subject from the very lowermost level to the university level of education. In the field of Engineering profession also, it serves as a most popular means of communication. It is an essential part of professional communication in engineering globally. English has an important role to play in the career of Engineers. They need English throughout their Engineering career from the moment they start it as a student until they get retirement as an Engineer. Finally, we can assemble our discussion by saying that today English is something of a basic concern for every individual and especially academic citizens who are at the leading edge of modern civilization.

No matter what the event might be, it is becoming more and more important and necessary to know and speak the English language well, and to be capable of using it properly. The students at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering are aware of this fact and it is up to everyone concerned to make it possible for them to reach the desired level.


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