Topic: BusinessLeadership Styles

Last updated: March 15, 2019

This report was written for me to assess the management and leadership styles within Coca Cola. It will consider a variety of theories associated with leading and managing and will allude to a decision as to whether the senior team lead or manage. It will assist Coca Cola to see how they can improve on their current functions and evaluate how current external conditions affect their company and how they can overcome this.

The fundamental finding is that Coca Cola use a combination of different management and leadership theories depending on which tier they are on the hierarchy. The higher up levels tend to lead the company to a bigger and better level, whereas the lower levels tend to manage daily activities and are focused on completing work in time. The listed external factors in the PESTEL analysis describe how they can affect Coca Cola’s business. They can then use this as a tool to improve their functions and use the recommendations to assist in making changes. Recommendations such as increasing employee welfare opportunities and increasing investment in sustainable crops can help minimise the extent of damage that the external factors could potentially bring.

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Additionally, Coca Cola could increase the number of smaller groups in the hierarchy which would enable better communication levels, leading to a change in mood and increased productivity levels. The conclusion drawn from this report is that Coca Cola lead the company, but management is required in order for them to be given opportunities to lead and expand. Therefore, for Coca Cola, managing is equally as important as leading.


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