Topic: BusinessIndustry

Last updated: January 22, 2020

This report stresses on the ability of the Bank to prosper in a competitive environment and changing global business environment by managing current and future, ESG opportunities and the risks associated with the same as well as focus on quality and productivity to create competitive advantage and long-term value. A focused analysis based on the sustainability measures will allow to monitor KPIs over time and can serve as an essential report to analyze operations and sustainability related ranks in the overall industry. This report will help understand which sustainability factors are important from an investor’s perspective, and which in turn, are most likely to have an impact on your company’s financial performance. The KPIs have been analyzed through a case analysis on BNP Paribas, using the DJSI and FTSE Russell index. Firstly, this report throws light on the financial stability and risk assessment of the financial institutions. Then it goes down to understand the relevance of anti-crime policy measures and cyber security strategy for Banking sector. Third part evaluates the investment products and services with focus on environmental and climate change. Fourth part studies the typical exclusion and financial inclusions and finally a conclusion has been given. A detailed analysis on green economy has been done based on FTSE Russell findings and analysis.


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