Topic: BusinessMarketing

Last updated: December 25, 2019

This project Employee Recruitment System (ERS) is a system in which jobseekers can register themselves online, read organization necessities and apply for the suitable job. It will create a major contribution to a company’s marketing and sales activities, increasing the quality and quantity of candidates applying for vacancies. Also, provides facilities for job seekers where candidates can search for their prospective job, upload their CV’s and apply for jobs suited to them. Additionally, it makes it possible for organization to post their staffing requirements and examine profiles of interested candidates in order that company will not have to waste his time for finding right employee at right post. The system has been designed to do a whole lot more than just reduce paperwork and to optimize the recruitment process for an organization. Backup and data security will also be taken care of. For additional increase in feasibility and decrease in work load and administrative work, we intend to add a key feature CV parsing (Resume Extraction) that does the job of automatic scanning of candidate data by understanding and analyzing the document. Including the user characteristics, there shall be three types of user interacting with the system; Company, Administrator and Job seeker.


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