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This is the sector that is responsible for providing various types, quality and quantity of foods and drinks that are suitable for them. The food is served in different ways and in different places to satisfy the customers’ wishes and expectations when visiting them or at the premises provided by the customer (outside the premises).

Food and drink services can be considered as a process of preparation, presentation and serving food and drink to customers. It is important both the customer service and the satisfaction of spiritual needs – music, atmosphere, customer attitude. The most important thing is to find contact with the customer, to predispose and guide when and what to consume. It is necessary to observe the clients, to feel what they want and to convince them that they want exactly what they are offered. Individual approach is also of paramount importance.Classification of food and beverage facilities ranges from luxury restaurants to pavilions in different shapes and sizes, and is most easily described as eating facilities that provide food and drink to their customers. They can be classified as:MAIN EQUIPMENT FOR FOOD – they are mainly engaged in the provision of food and drink services? Hotels – provides accommodation and dining facilities located within the hotel? Restaurants – this is a service center for food and drink only• cafeteria – mainly offering coffee, light snacks and light meals• fast food restaurant – serves people on the move, economical and portable food• bistro – the appearance and the atmosphere provide a casual dining room where mass meal service is served• bars and pubs – these establishments provide service with all types of alcohol and focus on beer and music• sophisticated dining – these types of restaurants offer superior service and require highly qualified employees? Outdoor Catering(Catering outside the office) – Serving a large number of people on site of their choice, usually outside the premises of the enterprise.

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TYPES OF SECONDARY FOOD EQUIPMENT? Club Catering – providing food and drink to limited customers.? Transport Catering- providing food and drink to passengers before, during and after traveling on different means of transport.• Catering for airlines – serving the flight of airline passengers• Railway Catering – serves passengers on trains• Ship food – serves passengers traveling by sea• Surface Catering – Serves passengers traveling by road such as buses and private cars.? Voluntary meals – providing food and drink to people to meet social needs set by a recognized body.

? Industrial Catering – providing food and drink to people at work, in sectors and factories with highly subsidized prices.? Leisure time catering – provision of food and drink to people who are involved in recreation.Types of food production(Where the food is produced): ? Traditional – food is produced and served to customers on site, charged or heated and served to customers. There are premises for receiving and storing goods, preparing, cooking, storing and servicing food and dishwashers? Centralized – cook in one place and distributing(serving kitchens where customers are served). It can be transported in a ready state or have some form of regeneration in a satellite or ultimate cuisine – lower food costs, labor costs also are lower(school,airplane,hospital,Sainsbury). Disadvantages – High capital investment for planning and construction.Produced failures or interruptions due to interruption of power supply, hygiene problems or outbreaks of food contamination can quickly escalate.

Advantages are high hygiene during production, due to bulk production costs, prices are cheaper for buyers.? Sous vide – is a form of cooling. A combination of steam preparation and then rapid cooking and cooling. The aim is to control and preserve the quality of processed foods.Advantages – pouches retain freshness, less risk of cross-contamination during storage, less wastage of food, during re-heating Disadvantages: big capital investment in equipment and storage, not as fresh as the traditional method, not all food suitable for the sous-vide method.? Cook-Chill – cooked on food, followed by quick cooling, uses a low-temperature principle to maintain the quality of processed foods above freezing point 0-3c.

Warm right before consumption.? Cook-Freeze – complete cooking of food, followed by rapid freezing, when stored at a temperature of -18 ° C or lower, followed by subsequent full heating to the consumer prior to consumption.? Blast Chilling – The temperature must be reduced from +70C to +3C or below within 90 minutes.There are many service styles that need to be followed when it comes to supplying food and drink to customers. Some of the most famous are:? Table Service – for this type of service, guests enter the dining room and accommodate. The waiter menu card from which they choose and order to the waiter.

Advantages – Providing better service, more relaxed dining options, more variety in choosing a menu, and more.Disadvantages – a much slower diet than self-service methods. There are two types of menus in table service from which the customer may select their meal. The first of them is à la carte menu, where all the items are with individually priced(Hotel or restaurant meal consisting of several differently priced dishes which are cooked usually when ordered from a menu. A guest orders separately and pays for them separately.

Advantages of this method are: food is priced individually, menu if its items rarely change.Disadvantages: difficulty finding seasonal ingredients, it is usually more expensive. The other is the table d ‘ hôte menu – consists of items combined together at a set price. Its menu may include a choice of some appetizer and a choice of two or three sweets; a beverage.• English or Family Service – The waiter brings food to dishes, shows the host for approval, and then puts the plates on the tables. The host makes part of the food and serves the guests or allows the waiter to serve.

1 waiter: 40 guestsThe advantages are – less demands on kitchen, visual for customers, does not demand high skilled services staff.Disadvantages: food temperature can change, food distribution can be inconsistent• Gueridon Service – a meal that is partially prepared from the kitchen is taken to Gueridon Trolly to cook completely up to the guests’ table to achieve a peculiar look and flavor of the food, demonstrating on-site cooking. 1 waiter: 10 guestsAdvantages: visual and aromatic, highly personalized service, the customer feels more involved in the process.Disadvantages: high labor costs, not suitable with large numbers of customers.• Silver/Russian service – this is a form of service used in restaurants today.

Each guest is presented with the plate he has ordered. Each course is offered to each guest individually. 1 waiter:20 guestsAdvantages – highly personalized service.Disadvantages: high labor cost, require very highly skilled service staff.• French Service – there is a side table in the French service, which moves to the table where guests are staying. The whole meal is on the side table and is usually presented to guests for inspection before preparing the meal, then placed on the table.

Each guest is served by the side table. ? Assisted Service – the guests collect their plates, and go to buffet counters and help themselves. They can also partially get service at the table .

• Buffet Service – guests receive plates and go to a buffet where food is stored hot food. Guests can either serve or ask the servant behind the buffet to serve. The tables are arranged with utensils and cutlery where guests can sit and eat and then fill their plates. The opportunities of the method: can serve large quantities of people, customers have choice, fewer staff required, service staff require less skills.The disadvantages: queuing, food can run out, food presentation can be affected.)? Self Service – guests enter the dining room, orders, pays and receives food and drinks, for example at a counter, in a bar, in a fast food or vending( can provide a twenty-four hour food and beverage service,can be sited close to the customer ).• Buffet Service – customers have to go to the buffet, choose a plate, choose and then serve at the table. Allows the facility to feed large quantities of people at a time with less staffing requirements.

They may, however, have higher costs for food because good food performance often involves relatively large quantities. However, the higher food and labor costs in the kitchen, to be compensated by lower labor costs in the less-serviced restaurant staff. 1 waiter: 50+guestsBeverage – Soft drinks, Beers, Spirits, Liqueurs, Cocktails, WinesThe financial statements show the financial position of the company at a given time or for a certain period of time.

The financial statement is a record of the financial activities of a business and provides information about:? Profit, which is the difference between business revenue and all its costs and is usually measured over a certain period of time.? Gross profit is the difference between sales revenue and direct costs for the production of these products. GP = Selling price – Cost(direct cost) GP% = Direct cost / price * 100? Net profit is the gross profit less all costs associated with the normal course of business. Net profit shows how well business is doing in business conditions.The financial processes used for food and drink operations cover all flows of raw material to sales.

The cost estimate of each item in the recipe for meals is needed in determining the price of the menu and the selling price, including the expected profits. Price is the amount needed to purchase the product or service. Costs is the total amount spent on goods or services (including money, time and labor). VAT is an indirect tax levied on goods and services at each stage of production (from raw materials to the end product). There are several types of costs the manager should consider:? Direct costs – the costs associated with actual production (the price of materials entering the product). ? Indirect costs – are not part of the product but contribute to production• labor costs – for all employees needed to manage the business• overhead costs – utilities, rent and lingerie(Fixed costs).? Discount – percentage removed from the marked price.

Selling price = marked price – discountCustomers do not only pay for food, they pay for food, serve food, and cleanse after food. Different products have different profit. Generally, food cost should be around 30-35%. Menu price = Cost of your product / 0.35. The process of purchasing the goods includes: selection, purchase, receipt, storage and finally the use of the good.

In food and drink operations, it is important to properly purchase and maintain adequate stock levels to meet customer needs.When selecting a supplier, detailed inquiries must be made about the company and the range of items they sell (quality, size, weight, quantity). The purchase document may indicate what was ordered, who ordered it and what the price.The general control principles are:• verification of delivery note (must include: company identification number;supplier name; address and contact information; the name and address of your business; date of delivery of the invoice; the amount to be charged, the amount of VAT).• Check the product / raw materials (whether they are in compliance with the order and the purchase specifications).• Acceptance of the product / raw materials (signature of the delivery note).• Storage and delivery of goods at the right place and at the right temperature.

When composing the menu, I choose a variety of sweet and salty products to make each guest a choice. I have taken into account the budget I have, that some of my guests may be vegetarians, diabetics and children, and that everything should be transported and stored until the event itself. I choose dishes that are made quickly and do not require special skills.

The menu drinks are tailored to the occasion, are suitable for all guests and have variety.The service I offer can be defined as a buffet, self-service or a table service, depending on the preferences of the guests.


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