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Last updated: March 9, 2019

This is the feature being focused on by the Edu Port project, whose goal is to support re-use of teaching resources by reflecting teachers’ experiences with materials acquired from digital libraries (Masullo and Mack, 2014).

Teachers do excellent work of bridging materials to create rich learning experiences. It is very hard, however, to share the results with other teachers, and only a handful of students receive the satisfaction of unique exemplary teaching in each case. Opened and networked digital libraries offer that opportunity. (Hoadley and Bell, 1996) maintain that structuring Web pages based on ‘content’ (through keywords or topics) and ‘context’ (e.g.

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, social group who produced it, discussion that gave rise to the ideas) may prove to be one of the most important features digital libraries could afford. Currently, traditional libraries and social networks coexist, but are not the same, intersecting primarily through authors’ names. In the future, these information networks and social networks may be more deeply integrated, allowing us not only to follow our favourite author, but trace works that have influenced him or her, institutions that an individual participates in, and so on.


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