Topic: Design

Last updated: April 23, 2019

This experiment used an independent samples design as there are two different groups of participants being used, one for the experimental group and the other for the control group.

This design was used to ensure that no participants take advantages from the experiment and therefore affects the number of words recalled as same list of words were used for both groups.The opportunity sampling was used as we easily gathered participants that are available, met with our criteria and willing to contribute their time in our experiment. The sample criterias are the participants should be from grade 10 pre-IB or 11 IB non-psychology students because IB students literally know how important IAs are.

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Besides, it’s non-psychology students because most psychology students have known our experiment aim as well as to give chances for the others to have an overview on how psychology experiment looks like. Overall, there were 22 participants with age range from 14 to 18 year-old being gathered with 11 (5 females and 6 males) in highlighting condition and 11 (2 females and 9 males) in the no rehearsal condition. Also, it was important to have similar level of English proficiency participants so that no participants face difficulties in understanding those words and to minimize the participants variability between two groups.


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