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Last updated: September 27, 2019

This document is a passage from the Book of Mark in the New Testament. This is the telling of a conversation Jesus had with a man about wealth and entering into heaven.

Jesus talks about how wealth and material items are not of any importance and do not matter in the end for heaven, after life. In this reading, as well as many others, Jesus shows a preference towards the poor and less fortunate and shows that the things of this world don’t really matter. This is very significant to the appeal, growth, and spread of Christianity. During this time period, Rome was in its downfall, there was a lot of poverty and hunger, and most people were very poor and unable to live in a favorable way.

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The message Jesus was bringing was one of hope and encouragement, and extremely inspiring for most people. To know that, even if you weren’t having a good life now, you could still have a great afterlife, made this a very popular religion to be a part of. Because of the appeal of this religion to a huge majority of the population, it spread very quickly throughout people, communities, and nations. Roman infrastructures, such as roads, also helped the spread, as it allowed the message to get around quickly and to many places.

In summary, this document very well encompasses the message of Christianity and its intrigue, explaining its growth and popularity and showing its significance in history.


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