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Last updated: April 18, 2019

This chapter comprises four sections, namely summary, discussion, conclusions, and recommendations.

The first section provides a summary of the important elements of the study which includes the study objectives, methodology and the findings. The next section gives a discussion of the major findings of the study with regard to the specific objectives. The third section takes part of the discussion as well as the conclusions based on the specific objectives while making use of the findings and results which were obtained in chapter four. The last section provides the recommendations for improvement for further studies. The study showed that respondents are most satisfied with tangibles and followed by responsiveness and less satisfied with reliability and empathy.

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The mean score of service quality that is an average of overall service quality dimensions indicate that customers almost agree about the provided services that better satisfy their various needs. The standard deviation of service quality is also quite low which means variability of the responses on service quality is less and overall reliability of the score is better. The research survey targets customers of Bank Muscat from which a sample size of 63 selected respondents using a questionnaire where only responses of the questionnaires were returned. The study also revealed that there was a positive relationship and high expectation between reliability and customer satisfaction. Similarly, descriptive results revealed that the majority of customers approved of the employee performance and enthusiasm that the respondents agreed that indeed employees of the bank have the enthusiasm to understand customers’ needs and will tell customers exactly when services will be performed.


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