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Last updated: February 13, 2019

This chapter addresses the theoretical aspect of the research design and the methodology employed for this study. The various research approaches are discuss and arguments offer as to why this study opted to employ a mixed-method approach. The methodology includes the methods, tools and techniques used to collect the data needed to answer the research questions; the population groups targeted and why the specific population groups were chosen. This chapter distinguishes between validity and reliability and how this study upholds these two concepts. The following section addresses sampling and the different sampling methods. An explanation is offer for the particular sampling size and sampling method chosen.

Then the next section deals with the data analysis for the quantitative and qualitative data collected. The penultimate section covers ethical considerations regarding the data collection process for a mixed-method. This chapter concludes with a summary of the methodology applied to obtain the data to answer the research questions. Figure 4.1 on page 154 gives a schematic overview of the process followed to collect analyse and interpret the data.

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This can assist to construct a normative leadership model based on internal perception evaluation to guide organisational transformation at public institutions of higher learning in Namibia.


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