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Last updated: February 16, 2020

This beach was unlike any other. Molten metal beams could be seen falling from the fiery sky, forming a giant golden halo in all directions. These rays would piece onto my skin, filling up my soul with peace and ultimate freedom. Shining as bright as ever, the gigantic medal could be seen reflecting off an endless mirror that was the eternal, deep blue sea. It formed an orange carpet, that completely blinded you from looking straight at it, becoming thicker as it reached the cosy beach. It all looked almost like a candle burning out in complete darkness. Slowly, yet certainly.

The golden globe began to sink into the infinite horizon. The beach was at the foot of the island’s greatest mountain, completely blanketed by the endless azure ocean. The only visible things from the beach were two monstrous mountains that could be observed in the very far distance. They seemed to be as tall as skyscrapers, yet as wide as volcanoes. Both were camouflaged in green trees, resembling two giant bushes, which looked like twins holding onto the other’s shoulders. Within our island; never-ending stretches covered by tropical flora. They resembled the image of two spoons clutched together, incomplete without the indiscrete presence of each other.

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Above in the skies, a soft orange blanket was formed by the cotton clouds, containing over 50 tones of orange, there to cool down the sky to a soothing tropical warmth. I could smell the salty smell of seawater infiltrating my innocent nose, as I stood listening to the music that the gentle waves emitted. Water vapour was constantly brushing against my skin, cooling down my body temperature, in order to resist the beaches scorching heat.

It was perfect for relaxation. Tiny bean-like birds could be seen flying together in the sky, tweeting as they flew slowly over the horizon. You could feel their lively hearts waving at you. Crabs could be seen cuddling with their young ones, all facing the distant sun, appreciating its beauty. Calm, the deep ocean was motionless, but for the waves that gently touched the soft sand before they rolled back to the deep blue, never to be seen again. I could taste the salty enjoyable taste of seawater particles on the tip of my tongue. The wind would slowly brush against my hair, then proceed to carry the fluffy paper-like sand across the beach’s yellow emptiness.

Tall as cranes, the palm trees were also softly and slowly pointing their emerald green leaves away from the gentle wind, as to enjoy the ultimate tranquilness it offered. Like a drop of rain emerging into the ground, the sun was finally living its last few seconds as it entered the horizon. I suddenly fell to my knees onto the soft golden sand with arms wide open trying to see, to feel the last moments of the crying star before it so amazingly vanished into the horizon. All then became quiet. The beach went to sleep; Clouds evaporated into thin air, the trees stopped moving, crabs returned to their homes, birds joined their young ones in their nest.

Forming a straight carpet of reflected light from the snow blue moon, the deep blue had now taken the spotlight.


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