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Last updated: March 22, 2019

This article taught me Mavlavi and Samâ, both of them are the most important elements of Turkish tradition. It gives information about the rituals and the ceremonies. It also mentions about the development of the Mavlavi Samâ by giving exact times. This article took my attention because I was already curious about this topic. Ultimately, it satisfied my curiosity.Firstly, The author gives a detailed information about Mavlaviyya, when it was written, and how it was written.

Looks like, Mavlaviyya mukâhala started to evolve during the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries, but it took the shape of its final form in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. Although some early sources of mavlaviyya have any exact definition of samâ but other sources give some traces about the origin of the mavlavi samâ. The author explores and explains the origin of the mavlavi samâ in a detailed way. I learnt from this chapter the samâ means a supernatural travel of man’s afterlife, reach to intellect and cherish to flawlessness. I also learnt what the moves in samâ means and how samâ is presented and played as an exhibition on the stage. Some of the moves in samâ don’t exist in Mavlavi mukâhala as I see. I am surprised that samâ dance and music related to the universe and the creation of the universe.

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One of the topics that drew my attention was that Mavlavis don’t accept zikr as the basis of their ritual, although they practice in repeating the name of God. I really don’t understand why they do so. I learnt that Mavlavis may attend rituals of other cult and they perform samâ. Thanks to the chapter, I had information about the rabâb which is a musical instrument. I learnt from the some websites that even if Mevlânâ Celâleddîn-i Rûmî is thought that he was a neyzen (reed-flute player), he was a rabâb player.From the beginning to end, this article let me know about Mavlaviyya and samâ and it also informed me about some rituals which includes mystic ceremony. I also learnt new name and terms about mevleviyeh thanks to this article.

I had little information about this topic, but now I can say that I comprehend terms of mavlaviyya and samâ. Moreover, If someone wants to be well up on music and samâ of the mavlaviyya, he/she could read this article and take as a reference.


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