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Last updated: February 22, 2019

This article is talking about Magdalena’s jeans were sent to Firma Koos, a local social enterprise that hires people struggling to find work and upcycles denim to make cushions and bag since it started in 2016, 30 local businesses and 1100 households have joined the project, the Netherlands’ two largest cities have both pledged to become circular economies, reusing waste as new materials to extract maximum value-Amsterdam by 2050 and Rotterdam by 2030 and about plastic park. The plastic park is using the waste to make a floating park.From the first article, I think that reusing waste as new materials is a very creative idea. Because nowadays people will branding a material as waste it receive s an unwanted or unusable connotation. But from the article, they all reusing waste and create into new things with their creative idea.

The most productive way to reduce waste is to not to create the waste. I think that is probably the only way to reduce waste but that is impossible. Creating a new product needs a lot of materials and energy, raw materials must be extricated from the earth.

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However, reusing waste and turn them into something new are the most productive ways so that we can save environment, save cost, and protect the earth .Next, the second article is talking about a zero-waste environmentally lifestyle like how to adopt disposables-free lifestyle. Nowadays, there are many individuals started to carry out zero-waste lifestyle by their own ways. For example, the government is not encouraging to use straws and plastic bags.

So, when people going to supermarket to buy somethings they will bring their recyclable bag and when buying drinks like bubble milk tea , they will buy their own metal straws to use it because metal straws can reuse for many times. From my opinion, I think it is quite efficiently that government carry out the plan to achieve zero-waste. Although it is hard to have a total zero-waste lifestyle, but we should at least try even a small action also can help to save the world.


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