This article examines the idea of web habit alludes to the overuse of the web which thus causes different issues in individual, social and expert anglers. The point of this examination is to decide the connection between discouragement and web dependence as far as evaluations, sex, the presence of web association at home and time spent on the web. The examination aggregate comprised of 369 teenagers from three secondary schools of various financial foundation. it is demonstrated that the age assemble 13-19, for the most part, utilize the internet with the end goal to play PC games, tune in to music and meet new companions (Ata, Akp?nar and Kelleci, 2011). In that study analyzing the relationship between adolescents’ internet addiction and their depression levels in terms of grades, sex, the existence of internet connection at home and time spent on internet, the following result have been established that the internet addiction and depression scores of the adolescents are low and the internet addiction levels of ninth and tenth grade students with compared to the eleventh grade ones; of males with compared to females; of those having computer at home with compared to the ones having no internet at home and of the ones spending much more time on internet with compared to those spending less time have been found to be higher


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