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Last updated: September 27, 2019

This accident is the best example that illustrates how crucial is health and safety in the workplace. As the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire was not the ordinary incident but the neglection of Organizational health and safety makes it obvious. Fire and garments are not meant for each other that pretty obvious, and this incident happened due to a cigarette which was thrown in the waste bin filled with garments. here it seems like this incident happened because one employee throws a cigarette in a waste bin which is clear but when we researched we found that negligence of health and safety created that situation because the workers at the Shirtwaist Factory were allowed to smoke on the job (to save the break time and to increase productivity) as long as it didn’t interfere with their productivity. the additional health and safety concern was the old and rusted hose which was located on the factory floor when the manager tried to use that fire hose it did nothing. Ahead of the fire hose, there were just a few buckets of water and the company owners doesn’t install the sprinklers to save the money.

if a building is on fire using an elevator is the worst idea but, in this case, it saves at least a few lives. this also unveils the poor conditions of the building because out of the four elevators only one was working accurately and it was located in the cramped hallway and at the time of fire workers lined up in that hallway and they were waiting for the elevator because only 12 workers fit at once. the elevators were not the only safety violation there was not enough fire escapes located in the building and the located one was poorly designed. apart from the building, the leaders used by the firefighters were way too short and were useless for the workers trapped on the eighth, ninth and the tenth floor of the building. workers realize that and elected to jump directly rather than being burnt alive.

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moving further, another health and safety violation was the nets used by the firefighters to catch those workers who jumped from the eighth, ninth and tenth floor. these nets were designed poorly and were not meant to handle the weight of all the workers at once, as a result, these nets ripped, and the workers passed straight from them.


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