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Last updated: February 19, 2019

Being engineer has always been a dream of mine while girls at a young age had a Barbie set I always wanted a Lego builder and toolbox to make new fun things and just explore the act of making new things. Then as time progressed I began to really understand what my interests are. Then I did a bit of research about the word “Engineer” then I realised they come in different ways and angles. Then I researched a few types on engineering matching the requirements with my interests in the subjects I offer at school.

I am more interested in the chemical aspect of the engineering because there is just something fascinating about seeing raw materials turn into finished good using chemicals and my feels towards this multiplied in secondary school when I started offering chemistry and physics and I just fell in love with the transformation of chemicals and applied physics. I also attended a few lectures and seminars to really understand what chemical engineer is really all about. As I got deeper in my research it became a really strong passion for me.

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I am usually a person that tires to think outside the box and do things differently to a achieve a certain goal but I also love working in a groups because I love to hear different options, discuss difficult problems and also hear other peoples thoughts about familiar and unfamiliar topics. I love helping people through things they might find difficult. I also like to solve challenging math question because maths is fun and relaxing.

I volunteer annually in the NTIC Foundation by organising and coordinating the fundraiser for school supplies for children and also I give a helping hand with the renovation of classrooms and hobby centres in local areas. It helps with working together with people and socialisation. When working on a very difficult aspect it brings about unity. We also hold reading and drawing session for kids at orphanages. I am also a camp counsellor at an annul summer for children.

I like to play basketball and squash during the weekends or after school. I love reading novels to keep my mind fresh at all times and it’s also a relaxation therapy for me. I also taught myself how to cook an array of dishes. I attempt writing a few articles. I am also learning how to speak Hindi. And eventually I’m going to learn other languages. I also have Rose flower garden, which I tend to everyday.

I really want to promote the usage of alternative energy in my country. By creating the essential materials for the improvement and manufacturing of these devices. Also using the acquired skill in reducing environmental pollution like the purification of water in steams and lakes. Also using my skills economically by turning raw materials into finished materials. But my ultimate goal is to be one of the best chemical engineer if not the best and also use my knowledge to help my country.


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