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Last updated: March 10, 2019

These related studies similarly talks about that aloe vera (aloe perfoliata) and orange (citrus sinensis) which is the two variables in these existing studies that shows or possess antimicrobial properties.

And this supports to the claim of the researchers to create a hand sanitizer out from this two organic matterials. However, it differs in a concept that orange and aloe vera can be taken orally for internal purposes, as hand sanitizers can be used only external in the palms or hands only. Furthermore, in numerous parts of the world, there is a rich convention in the utilization of herbal medicine for the treatment of numerous infectious diseases (Branther and Grein, 2015). Orange and aloe vera have been curing different issue in individuals from the immemorial, these plants have a broad ability to create aromatic substances, the vast majority of which are phenols, or their oxygen substituted derivatives (Greissman, 2000). This substance serves as plants characteristics safeguard system against predation of microorganisms and spreading of bacteria (Cowan, 2009).

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Aloe vera are the least expensive and more secure option wellspring of antimicrobial (Donghari et al., 2007). On the other hand, there were studies showed that orange odor reduces the anticipatory anxiety and improves that mood of patients waiting for their scheduled appointments (Oosterink et al., 2009). Citrus fragrance is proven to promote calmness and relaxation as it has a pleasant fruity smell that is good for our senses (Meng et al., 2010). It elevates the mood, as it through away the bad vibes and replaces good things and happiness and has a stress-alleviating effect (Komiya et al.

, 2006). To sum it up, based on the related studies that was mentioned, it hereby arrives to the conclusion that both aloe vera and orange has a curing property and eliminates bacteria, and both is widely used as herbal medicine. In addition, orange has its relaxing and stress relieving smell that also uplift mood to a better one.


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