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Last updated: February 8, 2019

These demographics can be used in these services as they aim to meet the patterns of varying needs of individuals in different areas. Furthermore, demographics characteristics can be considered when planning and providing health and social care and early years services. This allows the government to realise regional variations in service provision, in other words the reason why the same services are not available in every area. In Golders Green 37.10% are Jewish more than any other religion. This care home is in Golders Green, it is projected to grow by almost 30%. This population growth is largely driven by the Brent Cross Cricklewood regeneration scheme.

Biggest increase in proportion of children are in Hendon, Colindale, and West Hendon. The ones that see significantly decrease in the proportion of children are Golders Green this can be due to Jewish people happening to have fewer children. However, Golders Green already has the highest proportion of children (25.8%), and it is likely that this population of children is expected to age into working age before the next generation of children are born. In Golders Green retirement aged residents is expected to increase from 13.9% in 2014 to 14.

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6% in 2012, Colindale and Golders Green are the only one that have decrease in the proportion of retirement aged residents. This is because of the new housing motioned before; however, this could be aimed for younger people. There will be an influx in the younger age group, which means the proportion of elderly people in Golders Green is likely to fall. The implication is the care home shouldn’t be worried of not having client in the future. There will still be a number of Jewish residents.

Barnet continues to have the largest Jewish population in the country, the next most common religion are Judaism (15.2%) from this the care home is run by Jewish charity and care, statistics seem to suggest they are not going to lose their potential customers any time soon but they can strategy ahead to plan for service providers in the future. Senior management would need to look at these demographic to see substantial changes to the clients they draw upon.

There only target audience are elderly Jewish people. As the population of Golders Green goes up many of those new people in the new housing would probably be Jewish, they would be in their 30-40’s, and may be looking for care for themselves in the next 30-40 years. This care home will still be making provision for residential care for the elderly and for the day care people. This care home provides care to fit their specific need such as Kosher food. They cater for their different needs to make them feel comfortable in the care home; the care home specialises in order to provide the best care possible for them.


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