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Last updated: January 26, 2019

There were many incredible moments in Roman History but one of the most significant events was Augustus’s rise to power. Augustus was born on the 23 September 63 BC and died on the 19 August 14 AD, during this period; many key events took place. Despite Augustus doing many things while in power, he is well known in politics, for leading Rome’s transformation from a republic to empire in the years following Caesar’s death.

On the 23 September 63 BCE, Augustus was born as Gaius Octavius. He was born in a city named Velletri, which is South East of Rome. This was a key event as this was the start of Augustus’s life. Only 4 years after his birth, his father passed away.

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15 years later Augustus went to Albania to finish his military and academic training. While he was there, he heard of the death of his great uncle. He went back to Rome and found out that he was Caesar’s adopted son and was heir to Caesar’s political role and wealth. He was told by many people not to accept the role because he was very young and was not very prepared to deal with the risks associated with Roman power politics.

Nevertheless, he did accept. Caesar’s will asked for the entertainment of the public. This entertainment required funds, but Mark Antony was in charge of Caesar’s funds and refused to grant Augustus access to the money. Augustus borrowed money so the he could run the games.

Due to this act, the public and Caesar’s troops were supportive of him. Augustus and Antony had a battle but eventually agreed to form the Second Roman Triumvirate with Lepidus. The Second Roman Triumvirate were given 5 years of dictatorial power.

1 year later, Antony marries Octavia, the sister of Augustus. This act further confirms the alliance of Augustus and Antony.


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