There was an excellent student .He called Ahmed ,he was hard working , got high marks at the exam and the teacher said good to him .

Then , for the next exam he didn`t prepare well , study less and accompany bad boys at the coffee shop and those bad boys learn him to smoke , waste of time and stay late with them. As a result of that ,after two weeks later Ahmed got low marks in the next exam and the teacher said angry ” what`s that Ahmed , why you got low marks ? .

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After that , Ahmed didn`t repent and again he accompany the bad boys at the coffee shop and again they interested in smoking ? the waiter wrote in account book .At these interesting time , suddnly Ahmed`s mother saw him , she went quickely and she was very sad to see that . When she arrived home , she informed Ahmed`s father about what she see and Ahmed`s father was so angry toward Ahmed and said loudly ” Ahmed why you get low marks in the next exam , those boys are the cause , punish him and Ahmed promise his parents that ” I will never do that again ”

. Finally , Ahmed decided to give up bad boys so when they invite him again to the coffee shop , he said No to them.

The learned lesson is bad boys are bad so every one should be carefull when accompany them.


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