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Last updated: May 30, 2019

There is now ample research or case study on the rural communites regarding with education, Intel Education has conducted a case study in rural to deliver a rich, technology and teacher-led educational experience, help teachers to better engage students from diverse cultural and learning backgrounds, and improve educational outcomes to equip students for an ICT enabled 21st century workplace. Although in Lumbaten, it is way more different than other schools wherein the students are not well equipped with technology and despite of having new buildings or facilities, the school needs teachers to educate the students in every grade. According to Zenaida Ayop, School Head, MCES “Technology has become a tool to facilitate teacher professional development – enhancing content knowledge and teaching strategies to ensure effective learning, both for the teachers, and the most important person in the school – the pupil.”. MCES and Intel staff worked closely with family and community member to encourage their active participation in the educational transformation. Parents supported kids in their schoolwork. The school community ran fund-raising campaigns to further improve the school and its surroundings. And community groups built on newly available information resources to launch community education initiatives in areas such as maternal and child health care.


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