There have been changes throughout history. But one of the most significant inventions was the printing press. In the 1450s Gutenberg revolutionized the world by inventing the press. But what was the most important result of the printing press? One of the results the printing press was the greater knowledge in geography and more expansion/exploration.

Before the printing press people would explore somewhat but geography gave people a lot more knowledge of the world. Not to mention that exploration created colonies around the world which also means that new territories were created. Christopher Columbus’s letter concerning the islands recently discovered in the indian sea 1493,shows a letter from Columbus explaining that he had reached new islands. Then the letter was sent to Barcelona, Valladolid, Rome, Florence, Paris and other places around the world. Document E shows us pictures of the maps and how maps kept changing throughout the years as people made discoveries all around the world. Because of the printing press the people knew how other explorers reached new lands and inspired others to explore. If it wasn’t for the printing press then maps probably wouldn’t have gone throughout europe. The making of colonies and discoveries of new lands or places and also territories would have taken way longer. But with the printing press it didn’t take super long.
But another result of the printing press was the spread of the protestant religion. Luther’s ideas were spread because of the printing press and that helped spread the catholic church apart. According to Excerpts from Martin Luther’s 95 Theses 1517, it tells us how the printing press made more copies of Martins Luther’s books. So that means that more people read his ideas and thoughts which also means that they began to depart from the catholic church. With the help of the printing press people were able to his books and that helped influence them to stop paying for their indulgences and depart from the catholic church. The map created from various sources shows us how during the 1500’s people were mainly Catholic and a map during the 1560’s people were protestant or mixed catholic and protestant because of the printing press printing Martin’s book. If it wasn’t for the printing press there would just be a only catholic church.
And yes there were many consequences due to the printing press but reformation and exploration were the most important because just look at all the discoveries that were made. Spreading from the catholic church gave people knowledge of other religions and most importantly the knowledge of how they were being scammed. All the documents like D,A,B and E prove my arguments to be true as well.

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Though there were many results or consequences whatever you want to call it , but I would have to say that both reformation and exploration were both equal to each other in importance because all types of discoveries were made due to exploration but because of the people leaving the the catholic church people realized that they were being scammed and some other people might have practiced a new religion. It even helped revolutionize our world.But in the end because of the two things slowly improved with in their society which even effects ours.


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