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Last updated: July 30, 2019

There are very limited studies conducted on the relationship between extrinsic motivation and psychological ownership. So, this study explore the how the extrinsic motivation will contribute to psychological ownership. According to the study conducted by Rijn & Stappers (n.d) mentioned that external factors also leads to motivation which may encourage or discourage an individual to contribute their efforts towards organization.

If an individual extrinsically motivated will provide the willingness to participate in organization. The member of organization activation increases by motivating them through effective rewards system (Ajmal, Bashir, Abrar, Khan & Saqib, 2015) . So, employee performance positively increased by the perception of employee value towards organization. In other study shows that monetary rewards play an important role to increases employees’ efforts towards their work (Adeyemo ; Aremu, 1999).

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So, this shows that monetary rewards increases employees’ efforts through


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