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Last updated: February 16, 2019

There are so many personal factors that can influence the development of children and young people of which some are outlines below:? Parents illness: Development of a children or young people can be influenced by their parent’s illness. If one of their parent is a sickle cell, one of the child will be a sickle cell as well and the child will be constantly ill and due to all the child’s organ not functioning well which can lead to an abnormal growth due to medical treatment, there will be some short falls in the child developmental growth which falls under Physical development and will also affect the rate and sequence of the child development. This will also lead to the child been absent from school always which will also affect the child or young person social and emotional development.? Disabilities: Children or young people born with disability either physical or learning disability will also affect their development. They may have to have a lot of time off from school due to their disability which will affect their intellectual development. Their social development will be affected too because they will not be able to play and socialise with the other children.

? Family background: This is another factor that can affects the development of a child and young people. Family background is an important aspect in child and young people’s development because child see and do whatever is been done in the family and home environment. For example, if there is a lot of smokers in the family and the environment that a child and young people are living in, they are also 99.9% prone to smoking. Child and young people copy what goes on in the family and this also affect the behaviour of the child and young people. If the parents of a child are always fighting and abusing themselves, the child and young people around are also tending to be violent and abusive when they grow up. All these factors fall under the Social and emotional development of a child.

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? Foreign Language: Children and young people that doesn’t have English as their first language have their social and emotional development been impaired because they would find it difficult to interact and express themselves among their peers which will make them not to have friends. ? Poverty: If a child or young people grow up in a poverty environment where they lack all the nutrients for proper growth, it is going to affect their physical development. Parents will also find it difficult to provide for the children needs like their school books, computers at home, internet access etc which will affect their intellectual development. Their social and emotional development will set in as well when they are unable to participate in other activities that involve money.


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