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Last updated: April 25, 2019

There are many kinds of advertisements in the advertising industry, but I will be talking about the most used way of advertising today, which is the Internet advertising. The advertisement I will be analyzing is selling a famous brand of skin care from Japan called “Hada Labo”. The full name of the company is called “Rohto Hada Labo”, which is the Japanese skin care sensation that is now available worldwide.

HADA LABO which is translated as “Skin Lab” is a technologically advanced Japanese skin care line researched and developed at the Rohto research facility in Japan. Hada Labo moisturizing skin care products are infused with Super Hyaluronic Acid to intensely hydrate your skin. At first glance, the advertisement from the Internet looks very bright and dewy.

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This is most likely the intention of the sellers because it relates to their product. The advertisement shows the reason why Japanese women have such beautiful skin despite the harsh four seasons because Japanese ladies, regardless of skin type, use lotion in their daily skin care. The advertisement shows that all of their products are using Super Hyaluronic Acid which provides the perfect balance in everybody’s skin care regimen and perfect harmony for everyone’s skin. Hada Labo products are also free of fragrances, mineral oil, alcohol and colorant. The advertisement tend to bring out the message of how natural and healthy are their products which makes buyers have the urge to buy and use them. Given that the advertisement was mostly found before videos online, such as makeup tutorial videos, skin care videos, etc.

Most of the audiences for this kind of videos are women which means the advertisement is focusing mostly on the female market, of course the advertisement also focuses on the male market but women have higher chances of buying Hada Labo products. Upon further inspection of the advertisement, it is clear that the product’s target audiences are people who would love to have healthy and moisturized skin for better complexion and look better in makeup. The words “soothing”, “nourishing”, “enhancing”, “refreshing”, and “hydrating” are all shown in the advertisement which attract the eyes of the buyers to make them want to buy even more of Hada Labo products because they are convinced by it.

The elements of the advertisement obviously help the purpose of their products. The colors used in the advertisement also make the buyers feel as though the product is really hydrating and whitening as they use a lot of bright white and ocean blue which brings out the meaning of the sky and the sea. The main product of the advertisement is the Hydrating Lotion and it applies splashing effects on the palm which shows just how moisturizing the product is. The model in the advertisement applies the hydrating lotion onto her face and proves how moisturized her skin is by tapping her palm on her face. The advertisement looks simple and convincing which makes buyers believe that it is probably unedited.

Besides, the advertisement shows the four layers of skin everybody has after using their products with Super Hyaluronic Acid by locking the moisture inside the skin which intensely hydrates the skin all day long. The Hada Labo New Generation 4 Interlocked Hyaluronic Acid replenishes, locks, and stores water deep in skin layer after layer. One of the reasons Hada Labo products can be successfully sold in the worldwide market is because they have an attractive slogan.

The slogan for Hada Labo is “Let’s Be Skin Smart”. This slogan will, no doubt, capture the attention of people who would want to learn how to take care of their own skin and have healthy and moisturized skin in smart simple ways. Hada Labo has this slogan in the advertisement itself to encourage people who has bad skin and dry, flaky skin.


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