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Last updated: March 20, 2019

There are many important symbols in The Jade Peony. Here are some of the key symbols Wayson Choy uses in the novel. The Turtle is Jung’s pet. Poh-Poh tells him stories about the Great Turtle and how it represents long life and good luck. Perhaps there are some similarities between Poh-Poh and the turtle.

The Jade Peony is an important symbol in the novel. Poh-Poh gives it to Sekky. It represents everything about Old China and the traditions that Poh-Poh keeps in the family.The White Cat plays an important role in Poh-Poh’s life.

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It represents both death and her old lover. When she sees the cat, she knows it is time to move on.Ying/Yang is a symbol of the many opposites in the novel. This includes the young and old, Canadian and Chinese, and rich and poor. Ribbons are used by Poh-Poh to on Liang’s shoes.

They represent the traditions of China. Liang wishes she could tie ribbons like Poh-Poh, but she is too afraid to ask. In this way, the also show more of the relationship between the girl and her grandmother.


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