There are many important symbols in The Jade Peony. Here are some of the key symbols Wayson Choy uses in the novel.

The Turtle is Jung’s pet. Poh-Poh tells him stories about the Great Turtle and how it represents long life and good luck. Perhaps there are some similarities between Poh-Poh and the turtle.

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The Jade Peony is an important symbol in the novel. Poh-Poh gives it to Sekky. It represents everything about Old China and the traditions that Poh-Poh keeps in the family.

The White Cat plays an important role in Poh-Poh’s life. It represents both death and her old lover. When she sees the cat, she knows it is time to move on.

Ying/Yang is a symbol of the many opposites in the novel. This includes the young and old, Canadian and Chinese, and rich and poor.

Ribbons are used by Poh-Poh to on Liang’s shoes. They represent the traditions of China. Liang wishes she could tie ribbons like Poh-Poh, but she is too afraid to ask. In this way, the also show more of the relationship between the girl and her grandmother.


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