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Last updated: April 29, 2019

There are many benefits to using a coaching approach. For individuals, coaching can be an empowering experience due to the practice of answers being sought from within.
This promotes
• Self-confidence
• Ownership
• Direction of travel
• Self-development
• Supporting people through change
• Having elements of control on the way forward
• Creativity and exploration
• Satisfaction within role
• Sense of belonging
• Feeling of their best them

For organisations they are equally many benefits to coaching which can benefit the organisation over the short and long term.

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The University of Leicester uses coaching to benefit individuals and the organisations performance as it is thought that;
• It develops leaders and brings out their unique talents
• It is learner-initiated and learner-led, so there is better personal ownership
• It works on two levels- we solve our immediate issue and learn how to address future issues
• It can be done pretty much anywhere and on demand
• It is non-hierarchical. Anyone can coach anyone irrespective of grade
• It is not job-specific. Anyone can coach anyone irrespective of ‘job family
• Coaching helps draw out our potential and – through sharing ideas and experiences with a coach – we generate learning for ourselves about leadership (and about our other challenges).

(Claire Nichols University of Leicester – February 2018)


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