There are different methods of communication that are used in the business environment. These include verbal communication; non verbal and written communication. It is important for the correct method of communication to be used as it will help it to be effective and allow a more smooth relaying of information. The different methods of communication provide benefits that allows faster and/or easier execution and some that are more ideal for other factors.

Verbal communication: This form of communication is done by speech. An example of this is by phone or face to face communication. This would be if you needed a fast, urgent interaction and needed a response to be more direct or quick. However, the disadvantage of this form of communication can be by a miscommunication and/or misunderstanding of information, and no evidence of the discussion that can be used as a reliable point of reference in the future.

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Non-verbal communication: This is where body language and the use of facial expressions are used to help communicate. This is usually used to assist in verbal communication. For example, if a presentation was taking place, or you were giving direction or instruction, the use of non-verbal communication will help relay your point. An example of nonverbal communication can be in the way your present positive, professional body language when at work. This will communicate to the recipient that you are approachable, and are more likely to have the same mannerisms when it comes to verbal/written communication. The type of nonverbal communication can cast a reflection on the type of information you are presenting and therefore can either help enhance the information and engage the recipient(s), or it can do the opposite.

Written communication: This form of communication is the most common in a business environment. These types of communication can be printed or on a screen such as an email or a letter. The advantage of written communication is that it allows you and recipient time to form a response and act of the task. Additionally to this, it allows the information to be accurately relayed, and also allow a record of this communication to take place (this is especially relevant via emails) and is useful for future reference. Furthermore, it allows you to easily address a group of people with information quickly and clearly.
However, this wouldn’t be used for the need for a fast response as there can be delays with receiving letters or emails.


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