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Last updated: April 11, 2019

Theoretical frameworkThe theory on food, globalization sustainability by Oosterveer (2012), examines the fundamental changes in contemporary food provision and the new challenges resulting from them, Globalization has had a big influence on these fundamental changes taking place in contemporary food provision. Since globalization is one of the main reason why food is increasingly traded internationally, thus converting the organization of food production and consumption globally influence most food allied practices, in relating to our study this can give us the perspective and Idea from which we can approach the world of food, how globalization impacts our choices of food and its health benefits to us..

Research design This study will be design as a descriptive type of research. It is process of systematic examining of accounts or documents and a survey questionnaire will be used to know their preference if it’s because of the Taste, appearance, food type and trend in terms of the Food Choice Foreign: Japanese (Sushi, Ramen and Tempura), Chinese (Tofu, Chao Fan and Spring rolls), American (Pizza, Chicken nuggets and Smores) and Korean (Kimchi, Samgyupsal and Bibimbap), or Filipino cuisine (Adobo, Sinigang and Pinakbet) and Determine the awareness of the respondents on the Health Benefits of their choices of food.MethodThe study will be conducting at Central Luzon State University, Maharlika Highway, Science City of Muñoz, Nueva Ecija the school is composed of 8 colleges and each colleges 10 student will be ask to answer a survey questionnaire. Descriptive statistics of weighted mean will be used in analyzing the responses from the survey questionnaire and also for the racking of the responses and chi square test is for testing hypothesis and t-test for determining significance difference.Data analysis The data will be analyze using descriptive of weight mean and inferential statistics of chi square and t-test from the survey questionnaire.

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