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Last updated: March 29, 2019

The Zone Routing protocol (ZRP) is a hybrid wireless networking protocol. When sending information over the network it uses both proactive and reactive routing protocol.The proactive part of the protocol is used for a small neighborhood of the node while the reactive part is used for the routing across the network.The routing is done as following: 1) 1) First the packet is sent from the source node to the adjacent nodes that are in the zone. This is Intra zone routing2) 2) Then the packet is sent from the adjacent nodes towards the destination node. This is interring zone routing.

Each node collects information about all the nodes in the routing zone proactively and it maintains a routing table for its routing zone that identifies the route to any node in the zone.From time to time, each node broadcasts a notification message which dies after reaching the node’s neighbors at n hops. The receiving node decreases the hop count of the message by 1 and forwards the message to its neighbors. When it reaches 0 hops, the message dies. ZRP consist of 3 elements: BRP, IARP and IERP.

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firstly, is BRP (Border cast Resolution Protocol) is employed rather than traditional broadcasting to boost the potency of a worldwide reactive routing protocol. Secondly, is IARP (Intra zone Routing Protocol). A node routing zone is outlined as a nodes assortment whose minimum distance in hops from the node isn’t larger than a parameter mentioned as Radius of Zone. Third one is IERP (Inter zone Routing Protocol), by using it in ZRP it discovers routes to destination on the far side a node’s routing zone reactively. Such as IARP, BRP and IERP isn’t an entire a routing protocol, it merely works as a packet delivery service.

ZRP provides a versatile resolution to challenge of discovering and maintaining routes. It combines 2 completely different ways of routing in one protocol. ZRP is targeted for big networks. The quantity of management traffic doesn’t rely on network size as a result of proactive updates are only native.


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