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Last updated: March 31, 2019

The world is open to the resources technology and so on this have to be shared under the rapid development and popularization of the Internet. There is no isolated enterprise, any enterprise having a variety of contact with others and it is proved the only cooperation source and power of long development of enterprises. Any enterprise refusing to cooperate must face the fact that it will be defeated by other companies in the industry.

Like the one in smart phone industry. A number of phone manufacturers in the Android camp grabbed Nokia’s share to an empty so Nokia should have cooperated with other mobile phone manufacturers to broaden the entire phone market, in this way each company’s profits will increase accordingly and the profit is far more than its previous monopoly profits. But Nokia was unwilling to abandon the high monopoly profits Symbian brought, worse still it was not willing to share the profits with other enterprises and rejected to collaborate with Android. It may also be said that Nokia’s crisis was blamed for its conservation, because its rejecting to cooperate forced other handset vendors to associate with each other, and the smart phone market share was seized. So the current enterprises must have a win to win idea and put it into action.

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Take a small step back is to take a big step forward and win to win does not mean give up their own interests it not only helps companies to preserve their own in the competitive environment, but establish business partnerships to seek support for the future developmentConclusionThis paper introduces the background of Nokia’s acquisition by Microsoft and then proposed the paper based on the study done on several research papers and upon surfing by studying the problems and then followed by giving a brief account of the three stages of Nokia’s development. After this paper analyses the Nokia’s decline from three aspects. Nokia’s executives didn’t grasp the market accurately; there was a deviation in the business tactic of the company, Team was lacking in teamwork, finally this paper is put forward to target the marketing strategies on the above three problems of Nokia.


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