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Last updated: April 5, 2019

The word Whistle blowing is the act of letting know the people, that the organization we work for is doing something illegal.and whistle blower refers to a person who comes up with and letting the people know about leaking any kind of information related to the private or public organization.

This is however an illegal process. This is one of the major issues at the organization level and in many other scenarios.In this case, I wanted to discuss about the option that is Falsifying any document or record.

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Now a days this illegal activity has become a very common unethical behaviour and incresing very rapidly. Due to this activity by a person in turns effects the whole team of that particular organization. Falsifying any document or record means that the records or the required documents are being modified by a person which is illegal.This is done in order to misguide a person by altering a document or a record completly. For example modifying the biometric records of an individual or modifying the timesheet etc.

The person who has done such kind of illegal activities may get some personal benefits for that point of time but in return is responsible for a greater loss of the organization. Therefore it is unethical.In many countries this considered as a very big mistake.Some of the things which comes under falsifying documents or records are as follows:


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